BCP Solutions

Adgar Data Center provides a world of solutions for emergency preparedness and business continuity planning (BCP). Adgar meets the basic need of any business to continue providing services, even when faced with an unexpected crisis or any other emergency event that would ordinarily prevent the business from continuing to operate.

When an emergency situation occurs at IT locations, businesses often find themselves not fully prepared to continue operating. “We have existing data and communication, but where can we go? Where do we work? How can we continue to provide our services?” These are significant issues for all businesses.

Adgar Data Center facilities supply a wide range of business continuity solutions, including halls suitable for hosting computer infrastructure, with a variety of specialized options, designated areas for workstations with various configurations including/excluding computers, telephones, full furnishings, and added convenience – cafeteria, reception, meeting rooms and interchangeable offices.

As part of the proposed solution, the business experiencing an emergency situation can transfer to the Adgar facility and use its special pre-prepared infrastructure to soon continue operating indefinitely. Adgar also offers its clients a support team who will make all the required infrastructure available.

More Services

Adgar Data Center provides the full range of hosting and storage solutions, telecommunication services, business continuity services, and backup sites.