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Adgar Data Center brings new and unique solution for data center services and hosting model that enables geographic dispersion within Israel and abroad. Adgar located in three different cities in Israel, in Warsaw - Poland and Antwerp in Belgium and enables a comprehensive global solution.

why Adgar?

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Adgar Data Center presents a line of unique new services in the hosting and storage field – an innovative model that enables the company to offer its services internationally. Adgar is currently active in three Israeli cities as well as Warsaw, Poland and Antwerp, Belgium, providing a comprehensive global solution.

Company Profile

Adgar Investments and Development Ltd. is the income-producing real estate arm of the Zur Shamir Group, one of the largest holding groups in Israel. The company owns and leases dozens of properties and office buildings in major cities throughout Israel, Canada, Poland and Belgium. In recent years, the company has begun to expand its operations by converting its properties in order to construct, manage, and operate data centers. Three years after launching these new activities, Adgar now supplies its global service concept via four facilities in Israel and Europe. These advanced facilities, covering thousands of square meters, serve dozens of clients, and the company intends to double its operations in the years ahead.
The company views these operations as first-class strategic activities, and therefore they must be led by an extremely capable senior executive. Adgar appointed Slava Kagan, a manager with extensive professional experience in this field.



Adgar will establish itself as a leading company in the telecommunication field within the next few years. The company is fully committed to excellence, providing leading engineering and technology services with a constant emphasis on customer service. Adgar views its clients as genuine partners in an ongoing business relationship. Within this partnership, Adgar goes the extra mile to support its clients and respond effectively to even the most challenging technological requirements. The company undertakes to meet all necessary customer service standards, providing full transparency and support whenever needed, while taking responsibility for the needs of its clients.

Management Team

The Adgar management team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the business, operations, technology, and service sectors. The entire team possesses first-rate expertise in the provision of infrastructure, maintenance, and systems services. The business operations managers well understand the needs of their clients and are able to provide personally customized solutions to suit these requirements.