Hosting & Colocation Services

Business organizations have found themselves investing heavily in setting up the operation and maintenance of infrastructure for computer rooms and information systems, energy systems, and more. This activity takes up valuable human resources. Adgar Data Center provides a full range of hosting and storage solutions that eliminate the need for the business to deal with its own infrastructure.

Colocation Services:

Adgar Data Center’s unique facilities provide a wide range of hosting and storage services for computer systems, backup sites, and business continuity planning. The company’s Tier 3 facilities offer hosting halls that allow a wide range of storage options, ranging from server / communication cabinets to dedicated hosting areas – enclosures, dedicated halls, and more. Adgar Data Center provides a comprehensive array of supporting infrastructure in each facility – advanced air conditioning, generators, UPS systems, and high voltage and low voltage systems. These systems are controlled using the most sophisticated control system available in the field. Within each facility, a team examines and monitors the system round-the-clock, and is always prepared to provide clients with the necessary support services.

Hosting Services:

Adgar Data Center provides a range of value-added services that complement its overall hosting solutions: telecommunication services, basic technical services, backup services, and more. These are provided in several forms and adapted to client requirements.
Basic Technical Services:

Basic operational services for computer systems – server booting, initial server systems test, and backup processes.

Management Services:

Operation and maintenance services for the computer system, monitoring and control, equipment installation, equipment receipt and storage, planning and positioning, and more.

More Services

Adgar provides a wide range of hosting and storage services, telecommunication services, and value-added services. The unique Adgar model provides a comprehensive solution for IT infrastructure, backup sites and business continuity.